Reclining Nude in a White Dress by Henri Matisse
Reclining Nude in a White Dress

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse (1869 1954), considered to be the 20th centurys most important French painter, communicated joy with expressive colors, striking ornamentation and bold patterns. Matisse, whose mother gave him his first art supplies while he was recovering from an illness, described his discovery of art as a kind of paradise. He was originally viewed as a Fauvist, and his early works were exceptionally mature. Influenced by Impressionism and Japanese art, Matisse made color a crucial element of his work, and also experimented with expressive abstraction. When he was nearly 80, Matisse volunteered to decorate the Dominican nuns' chapel at Vence, France. Suffering from anxiety, Matisse found serenity in painting.

Icarus by Henri Matisse
Open Window, Collioure, 1905 by Henri Matisse
Open Window, Collioure, 1905
Blue Nude I, c. 1952 by Henri Matisse
Blue Nude I, c. 1952
Goldfish by Henri Matisse
Buisson by Henri Matisse
The Window Forget Me Nots by Henri Matisse
The Window Forget Me Nots
The Dream by Henri Matisse
The Dream
Red Interior by Henri Matisse
Red Interior
Laurette's Head by Henri Matisse
Laurette's Head
Le Negresse by Henri Matisse
Le Negresse
Purple Robe and Anemones 1937 by Henri Matisse
Purple Robe and Anemones 1937
Interior in Yellow and Blue, 1946 by Henri Matisse
Interior in Yellow and Blue, 1946
L'Escargot by Henri Matisse
The Black Table, c.1919 by Henri Matisse
The Black Table, c.1919
Nature Morte by Henri Matisse
Nature Morte
Woman Reading at a Dressing Table, Late 1919 by Henri Matisse
Woman Reading at a Dressing Table, Late 1919
Anemones by Henri Matisse
Large Red Interior, 1948 by Henri Matisse
Large Red Interior, 1948
Music by Henri Matisse
Creole Dancer by Henri Matisse
Creole Dancer
Composition Fond Bleu by Henri Matisse
Composition Fond Bleu

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